SilentPET® Acoustic Solutions

SilentPET® acoustic solutions for any room acoustic problem.

Office & Call-Center

Working with fewer stress thanks to SilentPET®

The optimal room acoustic in the offices reduces noise exposure, inreases well-being and improves efficiency.

Schools & Classrooms

Study without distraction

Bad acoustics lowers the attitude for concentration and learning. SilentPET® improves the acoustics in class rooms and makes learning easier.

Private Areas, Private Homes

Loud living rooms?

Often a balanced acoustic faces an appealing visual appearance. SilentPET® combines good acoustics with a lot of design possibilities and creates good room acoustics in living quarters.


Dining in a pleasant atmosphere

A room with good acoustics appears pleasantly quiet. Conversations can be hold discretely and guests feel comfortable.

Banks, Shops, Comercial Areas

SilentPET® solves acoustic problems and ensures discretion for discussions in banks, businesses and stores

Receptions & Entrance Halls

Modern reception areas without noise effects of a gym

SilentPET® reduces hall effects also in reception halls, which improves the understanding of converstations and increases descretion.

Industry & Production Areas

Noise imfluences concentration and lowers productivity

High noise levels in industrial and production areas can have harmful effects on the health and can lower the productivity of employees.

Overview Acoustic Solutions

Optimale Raumakustik

Room Acoustic

SilentPET products improve the acoustics like almost no other product on the market. Read more...

Schallschutz in allen Räumen

Noise Reduction

Excellent soundabsorbtion, a large selection and easy installation, making SilentPET being the best acoustic solution for any room. Read more...


SilentPET-Elemente are produced out of recycled PET-bottles and depending on type also mixed with textil recyclingfibers.  Read more...