SilentPET® Wall

SilentPET® Wall acoustic panels are used in partition systems as acoustically effective surface or sound-absorbing wall areas. They are ideal for integrating into our Liko-s Omega and similar wall systems.

SilentPET® Wall RECwhite

The Home & Office RECwhite variety is primarily made up of sorted recycled PET bottles. The baseplate, which is highly efficient in acoustic terms, has a white core which has white felt cladding fitted as standard.

SilentPET® Wall TEX

This is also made out of recycled PET bottles but is combined with 40% fibres from recycled textiles taken from old clothing, which gives the core its grey, mottled colour. This version also has white felt cladding fitted as standard.

SilentPET® Wall Print

These are made of the same core as RECwhite but the surface is thermally treated and can then be coloured or printed. (see also SilentPET® Print & Art)

General description

Rooms can be set out with either entire wall surfaces or merely parts of surfaces fitted with SilentPET® Wall acoustic elements, providing pleasant room acoustics with good speech audibility.

Unlike hanging ceiling elements, these integrated wall surfaces are only 15mm thick. Other thicknesses are available upon request, enabling the acoustic panels to be adapted to other wall systems.

SilentPET® Wall sound absorbers are also available as individual panels delivered with their own elegant designer aluminium frame, enabling you to mount the acoustic panel easily on the wall of your choice.

Panel colour

SilentPET® Wall RECwhite: white
SilentPET® Wall TEX: grey, mottled SilentPET® Wall Print: white


Visible surface: felt-covered respectively version Print thermally treated

Standard felt collection:
white, grey, anthracite, black, olive green, red
Other surface colours available on request


SilentPET® Wall acoustic panels can be produced in a variety of sizes and strengths, all adapted to your wall system. The acoustic panels are also available in aluminium frames which can be hung, making them into an elegant decorative element which both optimises acoustics and improves the room design.

SilentPET® Wall

- Standard element sizes: 118 x 240cm, 118 x 115cm, 120 x 120cm
(different sizes due to customer requirements)
- Maximum size: 150 x 240cm
- Panel width: 15mm
- Weight: ca. 1200g/m2
- Temperature range: -30°C to +80°C


60% recycled PET fibres, 40% bico fibers (fibre adhesives)
Surface felt-covered

40% recycled textile fibres, 20% recycled PET fibres,
40% bico fibers (fibre adhesives)
Surface felt-covered

60% recycled PET fibres, 40% bico fibers (fibre adhesives)
Surface thermally treated

Sound absorption

Sound absorption class B-C
Measured levels of sound absorption αw: ca. 0.60 to 0.85

(Sound absorber in width 15mm not yet tested. The stated values are experienced data according to similar types.)


SilentPET® Wall elements are delivered in robust, protective cardboard packaging. The mounting hangs from the wall system, with the exception of the Liko-s Omega system, where the panel is clamped into the wall system using an aluminium fixture. The screws are hidden by a smooth plastic or aluminium covering.

When used hung with picture frames, the acoustic element is attached to the wall with an aluminium fixture or using cables.

It is also possible to stick the acoustic panels directly to walls using silicon or mounting adhesive.


SilentPET® Print & Art

Acoustic art

The combination of room acousic and art in one element. As an acoustic picture or work of art painted by hand for great acoustics in mansion, lounge, dining room and other exclusive rooms...

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SilentPET® Acoustic Solutions

SilentPET® acoustic solutions for any room acoustic problem.

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Excellent Acoustic Values

hervorragende Akustikeigenschaften

SilentPET® provides excellent acoustic values and sound absorption and is more cost-efficient than a lot of other products. Acoustic tests using DIN EN ISO354 attest its effectiveness.

Overview Acoustic Solutions

Optimale Raumakustik

Room Acoustic

SilentPET products improve the acoustics like almost no other product on the market. Read more...

Schallschutz in allen Räumen

Noise Reduction

Excellent soundabsorbtion, a large selection and easy installation, making SilentPET being the best acoustic solution for any room. Read more...


SilentPET-Elemente are produced out of recycled PET-bottles and depending on type also mixed with textil recyclingfibers.  Read more...